31May, 24

2024.05.31 Restoration By The Prophet Elijah

27Aug, 23

2023.08.27 A Solid Foundation. Pastor JM Chikosi. Abidjan. Ivory Coast

26Aug, 23

2023.08.26 A Sure Foundation. Pastor JM Chikosi. Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

30Jul, 23

2023.07.30 Writing The Unwritten. Pastor JM Chikosi. Lubumbash

29Jul, 23

2023.07.29 REUNION SPECIAL. DRC. Rév. Et Joseph CHIKOSI

29Jul, 23

2023.07.29 REUNION SPECIALE. What The Bible Does Not Say. Pastor JM Chikosi. Lubumbashi DRC

28Jul, 23

2023..07.28 REUNION SPECIAL. Rév. Jacques ASSEMIAN Et Joseph CHIKOSI

28Jul, 23

2023.07.28 REUNION SPECIALE . The Unchanging God. DRC. Pastor JM Chikosi. Lubumbashi DRC

08Aug, 22

Restoration of Power

07Aug, 22

The Lord Will Do Great Things

11Jul, 21

2021.07.11 Divine Nature Harare Pastor Joseph Chikosi

04Apr, 21

It is finished

03Apr, 21

Remission By Blood

31Jan, 21


29Jan, 21

Projecting Omnipotence

24Jan, 21

The Indescribable God

22Jan, 21

The Unsearchable God

17Jan, 21

The Infinite God

15Jan, 21

The Inexhaustible Fountain

10Jan, 21

Untapped Strength

08Jan, 21

Our Sufficiency

03Jan, 21

Untapped Resources

12Jul, 20

Joy Of Service

12Jul, 20

Confirming The Covenant

10Jul, 20

The Last Week

08Jul, 20

Grace In Tribulation

05Jul, 20

In this Rejoice

03Jul, 20

Standing Before God

01Jul, 20

Escaping The Second Death

28Jun, 20

After The Millennium

26Jun, 20

Binding The Dragon

24Jun, 20

After The Rapture

21Jun, 20

The Final Battle

19Jun, 20

The Dragons Tale

17Jun, 20

Kingdom Battle

14Jun, 20

Another Book

10Jun, 20

The Books Were Opened

07Jun, 20

The Ancient Of Days

03Jun, 20

Casting Down Thrones

31May, 20

Perscuting The Woman

29May, 20

Blessings Funeral

25May, 20


24May, 20

Investigating Judgement Angels

22May, 20

The Great Battle

20May, 20

Travailing In Birth

17May, 20

A Great Wonder In Heaven

15May, 20

Continued Rule

13May, 20

The Messianic Kingdom

10May, 20

The Great Red Dragon Beast

08May, 20

Spirits of Devils

06May, 20

Unclean Spirits Like Frogs

03May, 20

The Trumpets Tnat End The Pentecost Feast

01May, 20

A Trumpet Call To The Atonement

29Apr, 20

Winding Up The Trumpets

26Apr, 20

A Cluster Of Wrath

23Apr, 20

Symbols of Destruction

19Apr, 20

Symbols of Torment

12Apr, 20

An Easter Interuption of Nature

11Apr, 20

Calling Upon The Lord in An Hour Of Darkness

10Apr, 20

Deliverance In The Darkest Hour

09Apr, 20

The Sign of The Cloud

08Apr, 20

The Last Sign

07Apr, 20

Signs Of His Coming

06Apr, 20


05Apr, 20

The Revealation of Jesus Christ

10Aug, 19

August 2019 Convention (Harare)

03May, 20

The Trumpets Tnat End The Pentecost Feast